Event on Biological Complex Networks is being held until July 19th at UFRN

Mon, Jul 15, 2013

Evento multidisciplinar discute redes biológicas na UFRNThe International Institute of Physics (IIP) of the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte (UFRN) is hosting, until july 19th, the event "School on Biological Complex Networks: from the cell to the brain and beyond". Researchers from 9 countries are gathered in the auditorium of the Department of Theoretical and Experimental Physics (DFTE) at UFRN to discuss the topic since Monday, July 8th.

Dr. Javier Martin-Buldú, Professor at the Biological Networks Laboratory of the Center for Biomedical Engineering (Spain), is one of the organizers of the event. According to him, the research on the networks in general have attracted many scholars from different fields, such as physics, mathematics, biology and computer science.

"Worldwide, there is a huge interest in understanding the networks. Networks in general". Said the scientist. "It´s one of the fastest growing areas [of science] over the last ten years, with a significant number of publications in scientific journals with the highest global impact, e.g. Science, Nature and Physical Review", he added.

Para Javier Bulbú, o bom momento econômico pelo que passa o Brasil favorece o desenvolvimento da ciênciaThe program merges interdisciplinary knowledge of complex networks with specific topics of biology. For instance, the lecture opening the last day of the event, promises "an interdisciplinary trip through complex webs from statistical physics to life and society" The lecture will be presented by Pedro Gonçalves Lind, from the Center for Theoretical and Computational Physics of the Interdisciplinary Complex of the University of Lisbon (Portugal).

There are several applications of the theories discussed in the event, according to Javier Buldú, especially in Brazil. Professor Buldú points out that Brazil upholds a very good study level in the area, and that includes everything related to applied physics. Researchers are very good here and and there is a high interest in the applications of such knowledge, including among companies. "Brazil is going through a good economic moment and it´s great that this event is being held here".

The applications of the theory range from the prevention of diseases, to blackouts and network behavior in general, such as ecosystems, cells, computational or electric, for example. The event is all presented in English and the schedule can be viewed here.

Although the registrations have already been closed, one can still attend an isolated lecture at no cost. The applicant should contact IIP´s event manager via email at: bpessoa@iip.ufrn.br.