Fabio Novaes

Invited speaker
CECs - Valdivia
Dr. Fábio Novaes obtained his Masters degree with the thesis "The Measure Problem in Inflationary Cosmology" at the Federal University of Pernambuco in 2010, where it was proposed a holographic measure on the phase space of FRW inflationary solutions. Then, he moved on to obtain his PhD degree about "Black Hole Scattering, Isomonodromy and Hidden Symmetries" also at UFPE in 2014, in which a novel way of defining and obtaining scattering amplitudes of scalar fields around Kerr-dS black holes has been proposed using isonodromic deformations of the wave equation. This method has also shed some light on a possible generalization of the correspondence between black holes and conformal field theories (CFTs).
Now, in his first postdoc position at the IIP, Dr. Novaes continues his research on the integrable structure of gravitational theories and its relation with CFT.  He is currently focusing his efforts on this research topic. Dr. Novaes is also interested in advancing the understanding of CFTs (calculation of conformal blocks, crossing matrices and associated topological invariants, as in knot theory) and the study of integrable systems in general (twistor theory, Yang-Baxter integrability, isomonodromic deformations).


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