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The aim of the workshop is to bring together researchers working on string field theory, pure spinors, amplitudes and holography to discuss recent developments and to create new collaborations. Recently, many progresses have occurred on these fields such as new vertex operators, new integrable structures, new results in amplitudes and string perturbation theory. String theory is a consistent theory of quantum gravity and it can give us several new insights about it. Moreover, new methods developed originally in string theory can be used to study other conformal theories and gauge theories which have several applications in statistical mechanics, condensed matter and particle physics.


This workshop is jointly organized with the ICTP-Saifr in São Paulo.


The complete event has three weeks in total.


The link for the ICTP is




  • String field theory;
  • Pure spinors;
  • Amplitudes;
  • Holography.




In order to assist the organizing staff to timely issue invitation and visa letters, book accommodation and communicate important information, the prospective particpants are kindly asked to regsiter by clicking on the "Register" button at the top of this page.

Registration deadline: April 15, 2020



The policy of the International Institute of Physics with respect to organization of events demands collecting a registration fee from the participants. Members of the local community (institutions in Natal) are considered as free listeners and are exempt from paying the fee.

Students = R$ 300 Brazilian reais

Postdocs/Professionals = R$ 600 Brazilian reais

*Registration fee is accepted in cash only.

** Information about lodging will be posted soon.


Available for those who qualify for financial help. You may apply for financial support when filling out your registration form (Registration page).


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