Chiral Y junction of quantum spin chains

Published | 2019 | Nuclear Physics B - 941, December 31, 1969
F. Buccheri
R. Egger
Heinrich Heine University
R. G. Pereira
International Institute of Physics

Detecting Dark Matter with Neutron Star Spectroscopy

Preprints | 2019 |
Riccardo Sturani
International Institute of Physics

Ferroelectric negative capacitance

Published | 2019 | Nat Rev Mater - 19, March 14, 2019
Jorge Iniguez
Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology
Pavlo Zubko
London Centre for Nanotechnology
Andres Cano
CNRS & ETH Zürich

Triplet superconductivity in ferromagnets due to magnon exchange

Preprints | 2019 |
Lev Bulaevskii
University of Oregon
Alvaro Ferraz
International Institute of Physics - UFRN