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IIP Mission

The IIP is a research institute with an international vocation, permanently facing the frontier areas of theoretical physics. Its mission is to intensify the exchange of scientific knowledge with the international community and, in particular with the Latin American community, being a pole unifying national strategic areas of theoretical physics. The IIP should exercise national leadership and act decisively in favor of scientific development in the North and Northeast having the following permanent objectives:

I – To develop and carry out scientific research on frontier theoretical physics;

II – To act decisively towards the scientific development of the Country.

The strategic goals of IIP are:

I – to promote, periodically, international scientifics meetings addressed to scientists, postgraduate students and postdoctoral researchers, in topics related to theoretical physics;

II – to promote basic research in theoretical physics;

III – to establish international partnerships in order to strengthen Brazilian and Latin American participation in international research network;

IV – to set up exchange programs involving researchers from abroad and from all regions of Brazil, through the development of scientific cooperation projects of short, medium and long range.

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